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e-Learning Centre, University of Hyderabad

Learning may be going digital but we realise the importance of human beings. Our experts use appropriate technology to make it possible for students to learn anytime from anywhere.

Want to learn more?

We help build online courses

Design & deliver top class courses online

We help our teachers develop and deliver world-class e-learning courses.

Our emphasis is on learning.

Course development

Develop online, interactive courses that students will love.

UX Design

Adopt User Experience design that provides meaningful & personally relevant experiences.


Use multi-media that will enrich the learning experience.

Web Development

Learn to use Learning Management Systems on your own.

AV technology

Use the latest Audio-Visual technologies to make the courses interesting for students.

Quality checks

Deliver top-notch content by putting your courses through rigorous quality check.

Walk in with a course, walk out delivering it online

You are the subject expert.

You don’t have to touch a single line of code.

Come to us and we will help deliver a fantastic online course. 

What are you waiting for?

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